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With gratitude and blessings always , Johnny
my life ’ s gumbo , I could always reach into my condiment cupboard and find the right one . My 9 Moms were my cheerleaders whenever I was inches away from the various finish lines . Their genuine caring support was the push when I was at a stop and a guide when I was rolling . I am forever grateful for their presence in my life .
Along the way , I came to have a deep understanding of motherly love . It is beyond the sacrifice , encouragement , and activity in the kitchen that supplies loving nourishment for the family . It is a special love that embraces maternal and paternal instincts , bonding all moms to their children .
All my 9 Moms expressed the same thing — no one can be totally prepared for motherhood . Yes , you can read about it . You can have someone talk to you about it . You can even briefly babysit or take care of your godchild or a relative ’ s child ; however , the end experience , the connection , is never the same until you have one you can call your very own , either by birth or by adoption .
Now , you are committed for life , 24 hours a day , seven days a week , and it is never-ending . In an instant , you are no longer the most important person in your life but rather the child you are about to raise . You are thrust into a new sense of responsibility , a new sense of acute awareness of everything that is happening around you , and you will soon develop skills you never knew you had . You are now a quartermaster , a family banker , a spiritual leader , a family doctor , a motivator and educator , a romance guru , a psychic , and a visionary who envisions success in your child long before they can even call out your name .
Although some moms do a better job expressing themselves , while others stumble and have difficulty conveying and showing their true motherly love in the way we expect or anticipate , do not let this fool us . From my enlightenment and experiences shared with my various moms , I can assure you we can never love our mom more than she loves us . Hidden in her demeanor
of silent nervousness , she will always be more excited to see us than we are to see her , and she will always be prouder of us than we can ever be of ourselves .
As we grow older , our relationships with our moms grow as well . When we understand and accept that we are not perfect ourselves , we learn to embrace our moms ' imperfections because their love is genuine . They will always love us the best way they know how and are always ready to impart their living wisdom by leaving a legacy of love !
During my various book signings at Barnes & Noble , Independent Book Stores , National and Regional Book Exhibition Events , and Writers ' Conferences all over the country , I have been fortunate to hear others describe their motherly love experiences with their moms . It is from these entertaining and powerful descriptive stories that I have learned how “ Our Past Always Helped Shape the Present and Inspires the Future !”
Guided by the above lesson , I am currently working on the 15th-anniversary special edition of my original book to celebrate and honor the impact my 9 Moms still have on my life . The title is “ My 9 - Moms Conversations about Life , Love , and Laughter ,” and it will be released in September , just in time for the year-end family holiday season .
In the meantime , please treat yourself to some heart-centered , inspiring , and empowering stories shared by our expert contributors about their experiences as daughters , mothers , and , yes , a grandmother in leaving a legacy of love for others to benefit from and follow !

With gratitude and blessings always , Johnny

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