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had a dream since 4th grade to graduate as valedictorian when she finished high school . It might seem silly to a lot of people ; however , she was determined , and since then , every homework assignment she completed or test she studied for in middle school and high school was done in the hopes of earning a 4.0 and being at the top of her class , the valedictorian . Today , besides accomplishing her dream , Jessyka founded Ace Cookie Tutoring to help students of all ages excel in their learning journey by offering them her 12 study skills that are personalized to their learning habits and personalities through her Love to Learn study skills program . When students discover “ How to Learn ” at their own pace and understanding , this makes it easier for them and their parents . She works with tweens , teens , and college students to help them achieve their maximum learning potential . Since learning is part of our human DNA , I am sure we can all benefit from these study skills as adults . I am delighted to have Jessyka contribute her inspiring and empowering story , “ Helping Students Love to Learn , My Journey ,” in our new , Cultivating The Love For Learning , section . is a Family Astrologer , Lifestyle Design Consultant , Career Coach , Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine GSEP , and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach . She has spent over 30 years researching family dynamics and how our early relationships and environments influence our lives . She specializes in Public and Corporate Education and Training in Career / Work-Life Balance and Relationships . As the “ Holistic Children Radio ” podcaster , Cathi provides techniques and tools to support families ’ emotional , spiritual , physical , financial , and environmental health . She is also the author of the original “ Me + U ” Interactive Journal Series , which helps parents , children , couples , and colleagues crack open communication in their unique way . As our Kitchen Table Conversations host , Cathi believes our homes should provide a living area that reflects our authenticity and a life lived on purpose . As we connect our inner-self with the outer world , our homes are the best venue to provide rest , restoration , revitalization , and support for our health and well-being . Cathi returns with an inspiring and empowering story on how we can experience joyful living by mindfully taking advantage of the season to experience the beauty of “ Falling into Gratitude .”
ALYSIA LYONS wears many hats . She is a mother , a business owner , an author , and a life coach . Being a mom has been the greatest , most rewarding one . Besides seeing her son , Zander thriving , she is full of joy regarding motherhood . Alysia ' s personal motherhood journey began when she said yes to a home-based business after being fed up with Corporate America . She was attracted to the freedom and flexibility of working for herself . One of Alysia ' s most rewarding contributions to life is giving life . After finding out the difficulties families faced in having babies , she decided to become a surrogate mom for parents who wanted a family but were facing maternity challenges . Alysia tapped into her motherly instinct and realized she could make a difference in these families ' lives . Acting on her maternal love , she became a surrogate mom for four fortunate families and most recently gave birth to twin girls . Alysia returns with an insightful , empowering story about how we can
manifest joy and happiness in our lives by shifting our mindset to embrace an “ Attitude of Gratitude ” for our Mom Support Corner section .
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