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DR . RANDI D . WARD is an author and editor specializing in parenting multiples and women ’ s issues . When she and her husband were unexpectedly blessed with twin boys , joining the two sons they already had , Susan took a leap of faith , leaving her job as Senior Editor at a publishing company to become a work-at-home mom allowing her more time to follow her two greatest passions : parenting and writing . Susan wrote and collaborated on many books , including eleven Chicken Soup for the Soul books ; Boosting Your Baby ’ s Brain Power ; It ’ s Twins ! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence ; Oh , Baby ! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year : and , Twice the Love : Stories of Inspiration for Families with Twins , Multiples and Singletons . Her articles and stories have appeared on websites , and magazines , including Angels on Earth and TWINS Magazine . Susan is currently part of her local public library marketing team . She uses her writing and graphic design skills to promote literacy and library programs . Susan is the perfect expert in successfully raising Twins . Susan returns with a wonderful reminder story about “ Fall Is a Time for New Beginnings .”
is our editor-in-chief extraordinaire ! At 73 years young , she has been a “ mother ” to hundreds of children during her 37 years as a Georgia Language Arts educator . Her teaching journey has taken her to Cairo , Egypt , where she started several language schools teaching ESOL . Randi is also an African animal advocate and environmentalist . She is an honorary president of World Peace Forest ( Africa ) and USA Regional Director for Africa Nomads Conservation . Her passion for life and humanity has earned her many awards and honors . Randi has recently received the IAOTP Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into their Hall of Fame . Her life ’ s philosophy is “ Believe ! Don ’ t dream big ; dream bigger ! The sky is the limit , so reach for the stars !” Randi has traveled to 60 countries on four continents . From one of her destinations came her memoir that encapsulated her view of what life is all about , Because I Believed In Me - My Egyptian Fantasy Came True . Today , Randi is a master editor and visionary book consultant . By the way , as a mother and forever teacher , she is making sure I am “ crossing my t ’ s and dotting my I ’ d ”… Ha , Ha , Ha !
DESIREE ROBY ANTILA is a wife , mother , and sales executive by day and an astrologer by night . Somehow when she discovered astrology on the internet at the tender age of 12 , it spoke to her soul . Since then , Desiree has spent decades studying and mastering the discipline . She specializes in sun signs and astrological relationships . Along the way , she has helped her friends , who cherish her insights on the synergy of relationships during their dating years . Desiree has also written numerous articles on matchmaking , cosmic timing , and forecasts . She teaches astrology classes in her local community and has conducted hundreds of natal chart and synastry readings . As a Scorpio , her attributes include likable personality traits of passion , ambition , full of imagination , assertiveness , loyal , and honesty . Desiree ’ s latest project was authoring her first book , “ Sun Signs in Love – Relationship Compatibility by the Stars ,” published by Llewellyn Worldwide with a release date of November 2022 to kick the holiday season with love ! It is a delightful treat to have Desire share her fascinating and remarkable life ’ s journey , “ Finding Love in the Sun Signs ,” for our Hot Off The Stove section !
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