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The Magical

Summer Rain

Happy Summer , Everyone ! July is about vacation and enjoying the splendor of summer . However , amidst the intense heatwave bearing down on Dallas , Texas , with daily temperatures over 103 degrees , perhaps it is time for me to move to New Zealand or the land down under Australia , so I can chill with “ them folks ” as they are currently enjoying winter ! Well , maybe for just three months out of the year , and you know which months I am talking about ! Ha , Ha ! I am just kidding !
I have always loved summer because of the bright sunshine and long daylight hours . I get much more accomplished during June , July , and August than any other season . However , this summer has been a drag because of the excessive heat . I had hoped to walk in the neighborhood after sunset , but enjoying my walk while baking in 90 degrees of heat and muggy humidity at 9 pm is hard . My days are more indoors than outdoors , and I miss being outdoors .
The good news is , somehow , I was reminded of the beauty of summer yesterday ! Suddenly out of the blues , without heavy dark clouds , it started to rain as the sun exerted its might in brightness and heat . For a lovely short 20 minutes , it was pouring down . It seemed that the Divine had heard my “ complaint ” and decided to turn on the celestial sprinkler system ! I have to say ; it was a much-welcomed experience ! For a brief moment , The Magical Summer Rain claimed its majestic presence , and I am reminded to count my blessings !
Over the years , I found myself among those who love rain . I remember when I was in grade school , I would
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