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go out and play in the rain . It seemed I was cleansed by mother nature . My mom didn ' t like it one bit as I was soaking wet , plus not to mention , on occasion , I get sick after playing in the rain ! That was back then , and this time it is different . I smiled with glee almost immediately because the rain resurrected some beautiful memories of playfulness , coziness , and fun . There was no thunder or lightning to stir up fear of a storm brewing but rather a delightful sense of , hey , the heavens have just turned on the giant sprinklers , and it is time to nurture myself as I felt refreshed and excited once again .
The Magical Summer Rain reminded me of what my Italian foster mom , Carol , told me a long time ago when I felt flat after a very challenging semester of college . She said , “ It is not about the circumstances in life that matter , but how we react to the circumstances . If we aim to change the world , we must first train ourselves to respond to the world .”
Carol continued , “ Living a successful life is about being in the moment with flexibility and a growth mindset . Although you have made plans , life changes around those plans . Always remind yourself you can pivot your trajectory to match your needs in life . Ultimately , only you know what you need .”
As “ Inspirations for Better Living ” celebrated its first anniversary in May , many thanks have to go to Ashley Chase , our fabulous designer , who was instrumental in bringing my thoughts for the magazine into reality . Her devotion and unique creativity showcased our contributors ’ stories beautifully . Although Ashley had to leave us after a remarkable year to attend to personal matters , she will always be a part of our From My Mama ’ s Kitchen ® family .
Then , like The Magical Summer Rain , Jessica Trippe appeared in our life and became our latest family member . Jessica ’ s impressive design , layout skills , and experience have taken our “ Inspirations for Better Living ” magazine to the next level of excellence . Her creative talent is subtle yet profound in elevating the sheer elegance of our last two editions . Jessica ’ s eye for perfection is a gift we are currently benefiting from as we march forward into our second year of publication to inspire moms to build a better future for themselves , their families , and loved ones and leave a Legacy of Love !
With gratitude and blessings always ,
6 | Inspirations for Better Living • July 2022