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STEPHANIE JAMES is the founder of Better Working Together , a business consulting and executive coaching practice . She has a Master of Science degree in Organizational Psychology , is certified in several popular and effective assessments , and is a Certified Human Resource Professional . Peggy provides organizations with research and training to facilitate teamwork , creativity , and leadership . She helps people improve their well-being and increase their energy to navigate difficult circumstances and uncertain situations . Peggy offers a variety of options to support any business needs – from changing company culture to providing leadership through Executive Coaching . In her latest book , Navigating Uncertainty : An A-Z Guide for Well- Being , Peggy offers powerful strategies to claim the driver ’ s seat of our life and move forward towards greater well-being using the resources from the latest in neuroscience , biology , and psychology . We learn how to leverage the power of our mindset through brain science . Identify ways to align our actions with our core values . Consistently develop strategies to infuse our day with more energy . Use tactical strategies to identify negative emotions and self-sabotaging beliefs , and apply actionable tips to create the life we love . Peggy ’ s remarkable life ’ s journey and a compelling story are perfect for our Bubble Of Quiet Confidence section !
is an Author , Filmmaker , Transformation Coach , and Professional Speaker . She is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years in the mental health field . A graduate of Colorado State University and the University of Denver , she is also an advanced level E . M . D . R . II trauma specialist . Stephanie has been leading workshops in the Rocky Mountain Region since 2007 . She is the creative leader and host of The Spark Summit , a gathering of today ’ s thought leaders in psychology , spirituality , and science , designed to help people break through limiting beliefs and behaviors and live their best lives . Stephanie was nominated for Fort Collins Woman of The Year in 2014 for her unrelenting commitment to helping others ignite their best lives and become the best versions of themselves . She hosts a motivational radio show and podcast , “ The Spark with Stephanie James ,” launched in February 2018 and is listened to in 48 countries . In her latest book , “ Becoming Fierce-Creating a Bold and Beautiful Life ,” Stephanie offers a gentle and provocative look at stimulating considerable thought while igniting the heart space . She provides the practical insights to build the inner strength and courage to overcome , resulting in an astonishing revelation of balance , poignancy , and meaning . She beautifully captured the essence of universal wisdom and self-love by finding our voice , strength , and purpose that powerfully ignited our life ! Stephanie ’ s compelling life ’ s story , “ The Blessing of Becoming Fierce ,” is a sure sizzle for our Hot Off The Stove section !
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